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Introduction to Learning and Behavior, 3 edition

Russell A. Powell, Diane G. Symbaluk, P. Lynne Honey, "Introduction to Learning and Behavior, 3 edition" W..orth P-shing | 3119 | ISBN: 1696696396 | 696 pages | PDF | 6 MB Designed to apply learning theory and principles to the presentation of learning, this text shows how learning principles work in both animals and people. Throughout the book, the authors show how the study of learning helps solve practical problems, such as improving study skills, improving relationships, raising children, and effectively stopping smoking. This book is both solidly based in research and engaging for the student. To help ensure that students understand the materials, the authors strategically include multiple opportunities for review and self-testing within the text.Checked this PDF with Foxit reader (opens without problems)My blog on AH Download

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